GG Marcus Aurelius X Tramin Sirena Moon-8.14.22 litter

Bred by Gages Goldens
Registration #PENDING

This is a dream breeding and we are so excited to finally welcome and see these puppies. There are 5 girls and 3 boys in this litter. There may be one reservation available, but not sure if it will be for male or female. Text me please if you are interested and I will send you more pics and info. Go home date is October 9th.

SONNY X LIL SILK LITTER GG MARCUS AURELIUS Heartsofgold Rocky’s Limited Edition Ch. Srb. Crocodile Rock Of Sunflower Valley CH. Srb JCH. Vineyard Hill Arctic Sun
JCH. MNE., CH. SRB, Clubwinner 2008 Zampanzar Miss Night
CH. Srb Sunflower Valley’s Black Pearl Int.Ch.Srb.Ch, CroCH,Jun.CH,Club Winner ’07 Nunsbrook Peregrine Falcon Qualified for Crufts for Life
JCH Ballada Fekete Domino
Legacy Of Clear Passion RO JCH / RO, SRB CH Thevenet Rebelde Sin Causa C-E European Junior Winner Thevenet Stradivarious
A Love Story of Far And Away
RO JCH, SRB CH Thevenet Delfines En Tu Voz Remington Ringmaster
Thevenet Diabolic Dreams
TRAMIN SIRENA MOON C.I.B.JChUA, FT, CH. Moldova, Ukraine, Romania Tramin Key Moon C.I.B., Est V, Lv, Rus, Mol, Ukr Ch Tenfield Tori Tenfield Sea Biscuit SGWC
Tenfield Tigris
C.I.B. Tramin Grenada Est, Rus, Ltu Ch; Est, Lv, Ltu VetCh, Tln VetW-12 Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas
IntCH, Ukr, Rus, Mol, Rom, Bul Ch Tramin Tananda
Tramin Raduga C.I.B, C.I.E.,Sup.GrChUa,B.B.B. Tramin Magellan ChUa, Geo, Bul, Ro, Rus, NRC, JChUa, Rus, Bye Dutch-,Lux.,German, VDH Ch, Dutch-,Lux. Junior Ch Matador v.d. Beerse Hoeve Europajugendsieger 06, Belgium Junior Winner
ChUa, ChBul, ChMol, ChBal, ChRo Serendipity Make My Day All-Ukrainian Winner”06
California (UKU.0030236) INT CH, UA/RUS/BUL/MOL/RO/EE/LT CH Baikal du Bois de la Rayere
Yadviga Golden Dik Kor